Out of all of my projects on github, here are 12 that I'm happy to share.
They include a node-package I wrote, a CLI, some front-end apps that I made for fun, and full-stack projects I made with friends.


A CLI tool to search webpages for typos

Github Link

Bamazon CLI

An amazon clone for the command line

Github Link

Star Wars Game

A simple star wars themed RPG game

Github Link


A game of hangman - built with jquery

Github Link

The Emotive Counter

A counter app with feelings. Built using React and Redux.

Github Link


An app for tutors to create quizzes. Created using React, Redux, NodeJS, and MongoDB

Github Link

News Scraper

Scrape the new york times for the latest stories

Github Link

Pascal's Triangle

A Pascal's Triangle Builder, created with React and Redux Hooks.

Github Link

Javascript Trivia

An interactive javascript triva game

Github Link

Grocery App

Angular app to list all your groceries

Github Link


A stock investment simulator. Built using jQuery.

Github Link

Student Skill Swap

An app to allow college students to swap skills. Built with jQuery, Handlebars, Node JS, Express, MySQL.

Github Link
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